Density Calculator

Density Calculator

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The density of freight in determining shipping classification for domestic shipments is becoming a factor for more shipping items than ever before. That is why it is a good idea to verify shipping classifications regularly. The density calculator can be used for determining an item or shipment density in order to include the proper freight class for rating purposes. Enter the number of handling pieces, overall length, height , width and weight in each corresponding box on the calculator. When all items are entered, compare the density shown at the bottom of that column to the Density Guides on the left to determine the correct density or PCF (pounds per cubic foot). The calculator can also be used for cylinders or drums or rolls of light material, such as bubble wrap, by using the diameter in place of the length and width.

Density Guidelines

Sub-01 Class-400
Less than 1
Sub-02 Class-300
1 but less than 2
Sub-03 Class-250
2 but less than 4
Sub-04 Class-150
4 but less than 6
Sub-05 Class-125
6 but less than 8
Sub-06 Class-100
8 but less than 10
Sub-07 Class-92.5
10 but less than 12
Sub-08 Class-85
12 but less than 15
Sub-09 Class-70
15 and over

only certain items take on these classes - use as reference
Sub-10 Class-65
22.5 but less than 30
Sub-11 Class-60
30 or greater